Follow live: Tiger/Peyton vs. Phil/Brady

After a lot of hype and some trash talking — hey, Tiger Woods, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson know how to promote — the time for the golf showdown has arrived.

It’s Woods/Manning vs. Mickelson/Brady, with the proceeds going to benefit coronavirus relief.

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We’ll be here throughout, with hole-by-hole updates.

New Twitter user Eli Manning was locked in, rooting on his brother:

Scoreboard: Tiger Woods/Peyton Manning 3 up over Phil Mickelson/Tom Brady

No. 8: Par 3

Well, everybody needed to take a breather after all the drama from Brady at the seventh. A tied hole. So they all drive their carts over to the ninth with Tiger/Peyton still in command.

No. 7: Par 5

This one is almost to describe, but we’ll try. Tom Brady had been terrible, and that’s putting it mildly. Then this happened:

Hang on, did that just happen????? Charles Barkley just got done torching Brady and his golf game. Brady, as his mic falls off mid-swing, then holes out from the fairway for birdie. And he split his pants while doing it. If you didn’t know this already, here is your reminder: Golf makes no sense.

Nick Pietruszkiewicz, ESPN.com36m ago

The internet lost it.

Of course, it didn’t matter, because Woods made birdie to tie the hole. Still, it’s going to be impossible to top that.

No. 6: Par 4

This was another hole in which Brady and Manning got a stroke. It didn’t help Brady.

But it did help Manning. He made a par, which means it counts as a net birdie and another win.

It should also be noted just how smooth Woods’ game has been so far.

While everyone focuses on how bad Tom Brady has been — and he’s been really bad — it’s easy to not notice how good Tiger looks so far. He’s hitting it well, moving well. Remember, even before the pandemic shut down the sports world, Woods was on a long break with a stiff back.

Nick Pietruszkiewicz, ESPN.com56m ago

No. 5: Par 4

The fifth hole was a one-club challenge, meaning the players had to play the entire hole with the same club. Woods, with a 4-iron, and Mickelson, with a 6-iron, made bogey to tie the hole. Brady, with one club, was just as bad as he’d been with his entire bag at his disposal, which prompted this:

“I can do that,” Brady said. “It’s coming. I’m saving them up.”

No. 4: Par 3

Brady, excited to be able to hit off grass for a change, makes a mess off the tee and with his pitch.

“When does football season start?” – Tom Brady after his tee shot on the 4th hole.

Michael Collins, ESPN Senior Writer1h ago

To make things worse for Brady, Manning rolls in a 30-footer for birdie to win the hole. For a change, Woods and Mickelson didn’t matter on this one.

No. 3: Par 5

The third hole came with a few wrinkles:

  • The pros had a long-drive challenge, which Woods won after Mickelson went wide left

  • Manning and Brady both got a shot on the hole, meaning basically they got to knock one off their total score for the hole. They needed the help after two awful tee shots

Brady and Manning are struggling at the start of this. Luckily, it’s best-ball format, so Mickelson and Woods can bail them out. Wait till the back nine, when it moves to alternate-shot format and what they do will actually matter. Tiger and Phil might be hitting shots from places they’ve never seen before.

Nick Pietruszkiewicz, ESPN.com2h ago

Tom Brady might need a calculator to add up his score on the par-5 third hole.

Nick Pietruszkiewicz, ESPN.com2h ago

So, again, this came down to Tiger and Phil. Woods got up and down from just over the green for the day’s first birdie and the first victory of the day.

No. 2: Par 4

Manning made a wardrobe change, switching to a NOLA hat. It worked, as he hit a perfect drive and second shot. Brady, well, things didn’t get much better for him. His second shot from the bunker went into the hazard. It was so bad, the six-time Super Bowl champ even apologized to Mickelson. Luckily, it’s best-ball format on the front nine, meaning Mickelson’s par bailed them out. Woods and Manning posted an easy par, even as Manning heckled his opponents for talking a little too loudly as he lined up his birdie putt.

No. 1: Par 4

After a 45-minute weather delay, it wasn’t the prettiest first hole. Mickelson, Brady and Manning all with ugly tee shots. Manning’s was so bad that he had to take an unplayable lie and a drop. Woods split the fairway with his and tossed in a club twirl. “I have to follow that,” Brady grumbled. But then Woods found a way to fit in with the group, hitting a weak approach shot with a short iron. Brady and Manning eventually moved out of the way, leaving Phil and Tiger to grind out 5-footers for par to tie the hole.

“That was a little shaky, for me,” Mickelson said. “Now let’s go freakin’ play.”